What’s in a Name?


Recently I have been going through an older TV show fetish where I wander aimlessly across the internet and through random stores around my location looking for shows I used to watch. Such have included already (and in no particular order) Walker: Texas Ranger, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Xena and Relic Hunter.

There is another show, one of the many I used to watch on television, but I cannot for the life of me remember its title; hence the reason for this post. Seems to me that in every second post I am asking for assistance of some sort, but that’s the power of social media, right? You ask a question, and in doing so, are not limited by the responses.

So, here goes…

I cannot remember the title, nor the names of the characters, but I can remember the general narrative, etc. I also do not know if this series ever made it to DVD, for some are never granted that opportunity.

This particular fictional TV show was been aired between the years 2000 – 2002 (approximately) and had a paranormal theme to it.

There were two main protagonists, a man and a woman, both of whom were in their early thirties (approx) and often dressed sharply and professionally. The man was white, wore glasses, had dark hair and was reasonably tall. And I just described a good percentage of the entire male population… additionally; it was the man who believed in the paranormal. The woman who was his partner had an African American background, and had her hair frequently in either a perm or in an afro style of appearance. The woman had some kind of clinical psychological background and was the more grounded of the partnership, often developing a more rational theorem to any and all investigations.

During the theme of the show; the intro at the beginning of each episode where they provide the name of the series and the cast of lead characters, they would show the man and the woman talking for what must have been the first time. The man says to the woman, who has a little difficulty fathoming what he is saying, when he explains that he investigates, as he puts it ‘paranormal phenomenon.’

Now, I can remember two of the episodes that were screened on TV;

In one, the duo investigate a man who is apparently been haunted by none other than his imaginary friend who he had when he was very young. At the beginning of the episode he collapses in the middle of nowhere and his imaginary friend apparently calls an ambulance for him by using the man’s own cell phone, but no fingerprints were ever found at the scene, which causes the male protagonist to conclude that perhaps the boy who called it in wore gloves. True, they eventually do find some adolescents who hang out in the area, but it is eventually proven that they are not involved.
The man been haunted will often hear a basketball bouncing around, but see no body. In one scene, he makes his way out from the underground car park to the elevator, and upon entering the elevator this arm suddenly reaches in, in its attempt to grab him. On the security feed it shows no such hand, but it does show the elevator doors do retract during the moment as though there was indeed something preventing them from closing.
At the end of the episode, the imaginary friend of the man been haunted comes into his bedroom and throws the basketball at him, yelling at him to ‘tell them’ what secret he has been hiding. It is discovered that the man injured a young woman in a hit and run, and after apologising for his crime, the haunting ceases, a letter been left which says that the man who was been haunted has ‘won’, the note apparently been left by the imaginary friend.

In the second episode that I remember, the male protagonist begins to look into a woman with an Asiatic background whom he suspects as been some kind of woman of death, for lack of a better term. He discovers photos going back through the years of people who have died/been dying, and in all of them the woman appears wearing a jet black attire of sorts; and amazingly enough, over the years she has never aged.
He meets a woman who he suspects to be this supposed woman of death, but she appears to be a stereotypically normal individual…until he himself ends up in hospital and sees her standing over him in a black attire.
Whilst he is temporarily out of it, the lead female protagonist talks to the woman with the Asiatic background when she discovers the large allotment of photos going back through the years. The female protagonist explains that her friend suspects that she is some kind of death omen of shorts, and the Asiatic woman is unable to determine how a woman who looks exactly like she does, with the exception of her dress sense, appears in all of the photos of death.
Don’t ask me how this one ends because I haven’t a clue.

Well, there you have it. Probably not the best of help, but it’s the best that I can do. If you have any information, or know the title of this show in question, I will be very appreciative.

Thank you for reading.


Naughty Nefarious.