My thoughts on the Boxing Day Sale


I am not geographically savvy, but I am pretty certain that many countries across the globe have after Christmas sales, and in Australia, as with a number of other countries, this particular occasion is known as ‘Boxing Day.’

I believe that this after Christmas sale is almost reminiscent of society’s way of presenting the public with an opportunity; if you failed to receive that gift which you truly wanted and do not wish to insult your friends and family by criticising their inability to take a hint, you can instead go out and purchase that which you always wanted at a supposedly cheaper price than usual.

I have often enjoyed this particular aspect of this occasion. Last year I left for the event with a cool $500 in my pocket and came home with only $132 remaining. This year I managed to limit my craziness by taking $100 less, and by some miracle on my part, managed to only spend $180 on presents that I accumulated during my travels through the couple stores that I visited.

However, even though the after Christmas sales presents this unique ability, I also have a rather negative interpretation of such an event. In fact, I think the sales could very easily be compared to the depths of hell.

How so?

One: The shops you visit are often cramped and crowded with an exceedingly huge number of people. The crowds are so vast and numerous that you often find yourself pressed up against a wall, gasping for your last, precious breath of air as your lungs fill with toxic gases, the likes of methane, BO and carbon dioxide.

Two: There are a large number of people running around, and many of them have a rather displeased look upon their faces. You often find yourself thinking ‘is that bloke gonna get me?’, ‘is that woman gonna get me?’, ‘is that toddler in the pram wielding the candy cane gonna shove that delicious sweet in my eye?’
At one point there was this short, chubby kid who couldn’t take his eyes off me as we crossed paths. My friend who was with me at the time, she said that he must have been jealous of my tall height and ruggedly handsome appearance. I asked her, if I was so tall and handsome, then why wasn’t she dating me?
She deflected the question with humour.

Three: Many of the gifts you are attempting to locate and purchase for yourself are lusted over by many other individuals, and often you will need to beat other patrons with a stick to successfully get out of there alive. N.B – other patrons don’t often appreciate being beaten with sticks.

Four: Often, stores only have a couple of check outs open. It is their way to ruining your day because their day is obviously ruined by the sheer force of the stampede that is rushing about what was once a relatively peaceful work environment, and is now tarnished by the fact that their store now looks a lot like an unpleasantly deranged asylum. With that said, the check out queues are often so unfathomably long, they make those huge traffic pile ups look like nice tropical vacations.

Five: There are very rarely any staff moving about the store, and so assistance is not guaranteed on this occasion. Any staff who are supposedly on duty you often find cowering behind large crates, their eyes looking over the tops of their hiding places in terror as they whimper ‘go away! Go away!’

Six: By the time you successfully find what you want, have fought off the attacking locals, have lined up in the queue and have survived the harsh environments, you then need to get out of there – which is made harder by the fact that there are now a hundred times more people wandering about the shopping complex than there were originally. If the zombie apocalypse ever goes down, it will probably look a lot like the after Christmas sale.

Anyway, if you did attend the after Christmas sales, or are just about to – I do hope your experiences were/are better than mine. Cheers!

Photos of our Special Days – do we really need them?


On Wednesday the 24th of October I celebrated my birthday. So, now with another year gone, that officially makes me the big two three.

Of course, the age difference is not really what was the most exciting about such an event. What was however were the many gifts that I received from family and friends.

I had mentioned that I primarily wanted to indulge in films, TV on DVD, music, clothing, aftershave and jewellery, and long and behold a miracle – my family and friends actually listened to me for a change!

Often in the past my friends and family have bought what they thought I would want rather than that which I had asked for, so I was glad to actually receive what I was after.

This included one necklace, two shirts and a wide variety of music, film and TV shows.

Additionally, a rather sumptuously delicious cake from Michelle’s Patisserie was purchased to coincide with my birthday. Often when cakes were purchased for my birthday in the past, they were sponges procured from Coles and Safeway, so it was nice to have a specially made cake with my name on it.

Now, I know that I perhaps should have made a post about this last week when such an occasion happened, but again my life has become a little clustered with business.

Of course, this leads me to the next part of my post – the pictures.

As you may have noticed – there are none.

No matter the situation, whether it be a birthday celebration, an occasion the likes of New Year’s Eve or Christmas, or even a night out with my girlfriend, my opinion remains the same. It’s not that I don’t like taking photos, or that I am simply too lazy to do so, no – there is a completely different reason at work here. The reason is that I really do not see the point.

True, a photo does seal a memory in time forever and is a great way to remember an occurrence that transpired in one’s life. The question I am going to ask however is; how could I, or anyone else for that matter, ever honestly forget a moment in life of such significance or import?

How could I forget a Christmas with my family and friends? How could I forget a birthday? How could I forget a night out with the woman of my dreams?

All of these occurrences in my life would be so valuable, that I would not need a photograph to remind me of them – they would be forever with me – permanently imprinted within my mind. I would constantly carry these moments with me – so why would I ever need assistance in reminding myself of something that meant so much? I wouldn’t – and that is why there are no photos of my birthday.

If you have your own views on this subject, please, by all means, comment at the end of this post!


Who is this ‘the one’ the Backstreet Boys spoke of?


I am certain that everyone is familiar with the term ‘the one’.

Now, I must warn you all before proceeding; I may begin to rant and rave on a bit here. You have being officially warned!

For those who believe in love at first sight, I would presume that they find ‘the one’ they have been looking for incredibly easily.

But what about those who do not believe the concept of falling for someone the moment you see them? Yes, I am talking about those who believe in falling in love over a period of time as they become acquainted with the certain someone in their life.

Now, for argument’s sake, let’s assume the next portion of this post is purely hypothetical.

Say there is this woman; a woman who is single.

She says that she likes to go out with her friends because she believes there is the chance she might bump into ‘the one’.

She likes to go out to bars and nightclubs and new restaurants and other such establishments in the hope of ‘reeling in’ ‘the one’.

She says that she is very curious to know when she is going to fall in love.

She says she has this list of qualities that her dream man must have, which include been skilled in mechanics, plumbing, carpentry, electronics, cooking and child care. If not, then her dream man will over time acquire these skills so the two of them may have a life together.

She says she does not care about the physical appearance of her dream man.

She also says that she does not believe in love at first sight, like I explained earlier, and that she believes in falling in love over a period of time.

Now, hypothetically, how does she know who ‘the one’ is?

Hypothetically also, let’s say there is this guy who has displayed interest in her. How is he not ‘the one’ for her, when she has these requirements? Is this not contradictory?

This man, he has confessed that he loves her; that he would do anything for her; that he will go to any length for her; be anything for her. He has been completely honest, open and truthful about his feelings. He has even provided her with a number of gifts.

How is he not ‘the one’?