News for back pain sufferers

In the last twenty four hours, reports on the news have stipulated that a new medical breakthrough could advantageously assist sufferers of back pain and provide an indefinite solution to the problem. The article I am currently acquiring my online information on to base this particular post of mine comes from this site here:

Now, before I continue I would like to add that I am not a medical professional. I have no doctorate in medicine or anything of like comparison, so I guess one could ask, why continue reading? I, like many people who would find this particular studying incredibly interesting suffer from back pain, so, like many of you, I am unfortunate enough to understand how it feels to be in constant pain.

According to Hanne Albert at the university of Sourthern Denmark, one reason behind some cases of back pain could very well be microbes known as ‘Propionibacterium acnes’ that stereotypically reside in one’s hair follicles, traces of oxygen, or even in the spaces between one’s teeth. My question would be, how can something from any of these three areas arrive at one’s back? The answer is, apparently, via the blood stream. This particular bacteria is supposedly harmless, unless someone has a slipped disc. These bacteria do not cause a disc to become dislodged from its location in one’s spine or any other like occurrence, but do aggravate the pain. Due to this, antibiotics can be used to bring a sense of realism back into one’s existence by reducing, or even removing the pain entirely with the continued use of prescribed medication.

This theory I do suppose sounds as though it has merit, but it has adjunctively being theorised that approximately only a small percentage of people may indeed have symptoms that can be related back to this research.

Now, why is it that I seem so skeptical about this? I don’t doubt that in some cases it could work, but this is not the first time that theories have been postulated about back pain.

In my case, although, as previously mentioned, I am no professional, I am almost certain I know why I suffer from back pain; I have a moderate protrusion of my T8/9, L2/3, L3/4 AND L4/5 and these press upon the nerves which cause pain to run from across my back and down my right leg. I do not believe that microscopic bugs could be responsible in my case.

For me, this sounds like an ideal that is too good to be true. I realise that I may seem incredibly negative and could very well be looking  a gift horse in the mouth, but I would rather not get my hopes up over a study that seems to be very much in the initial phases of testing.

As a sufferer of pain I understand that I am always hoping that some study will help relieve  me of this burden, as I am certain all of you are. I am aware that I need to be careful with what I lift and how I go about such an exercise. I can no longer lift dumbbells or any other weight sets and so can only do push ups and on occasion sit ups when the pain isn’t quite so bad.

I am also aware that the pain extends to more than just the one that you personally suffer through. I know how this makes acquiring a professional role to be difficult. When applying for jobs I used to note in the section where they queried whether or not I had back pain that I did and I never received any employment from those places, for reasons that were unrelated to back pain. I know that a profession cannot not hire a person based on back problems, but it is obvious they would rather hire a person who appears more physically capable, which is why I no longer bother mentioning that in  my applications. You know what? Since then, I have acquired job positions. Amazing!

I additionally know the familial pain that comes from this. I acquired my back pain two weeks before my eighteenth birthday. The doctor assured me that it was nothing; perhaps muscular in nature and that I was perfectly fine and assured me of this on two further occasions when I visited him in the future. I should have realised he was incapable. He was after all the doctor who told me after I had pneumonia fro the second time that I should take up smoking because if my lungs were going to become irreparably damaged from illness, I might as well acquire some enjoyment from it – by setting them on fire?
A year later I discovered a doctor who was willing to provide me with an x-ray and later an MRI and I discovered that I had always been right in assuming that I suffered from a protruding disc and that I would inevitably live with this. When I went to receive my results my father in his wisdom decided to escort me, which is something he had never done previously during my past inquiries about my back. The relationship between me and my father could never have been described as ‘great’, but the day I found out that I would be living with this pain permanently; the way he looked at me; it was like I was no longer his son, as though all of my past failures were nothing compared to this. He seemed to realise that obviously much of what he had always wanted me to achieve might very well be unattainable and so officially gave up on me then and there.

Moreover, my mother additionally to this day suffers from back pain and has done so since she was nineteen. She has had no less than eight operations since she was twenty eight, none of which have ever assisted her and have in fact made her condition worse to the point that she can barely move. The second and third operations she had were to fix what the original operation failed to successfully achieve, which was, what one might call, a colossal failure that inevitably ruined her life. Because of this I have always been skeptical of back surgery. I realise that a lot has changed, but I would rather not do something so major as this, and at the same time potentially risk losing the ability to walk in the process. There are risks with any operation but I feel there are considerably more with back surgery.

After having surgery to remove a pilonidal sinus back in 2010, I have since been left me with coccydynia. This is one such ramification of having surgery and this is further reason why I personally will never go under the knife to assist myself in relieving back pain unless it becomes fundamentally necessary or is thus my last/only remaining option.

Relating this piece back to a topic I was discussing a couple paragraphs prior, I am additionally aware that back pain causes pain for the future of families and since my mother had major problems with her back that have since been genetically transferred onto me, the chance that I could transfer the same condition onto any potential children that I may in the future have is a grave concern of mine. I would love my children no matter what, but do I wish to make the choice of having them knowing that they too may very well suffer as I am?

A couple years back I told a woman that I liked that I suffered from back pain and it immediately changed our relationship. Safe to say we haven’t talked since. Some people cannot deal with the idea of living with back pain just as some people cannot deal with the idea of living with someone who endures it. I am now skeptical of telling anyone close to me about my condition from fear of what might happen, but when the day comes that I do find myself with a romantic interest that I love more than life itself, I would like to think that she would stand by me rather than leave.

Perhaps in the future I won’t have to worry about such things, and if I be even luckier, perhaps in the future if I happen to have children who suffer from back pain, medical treatment would have advanced to such an extent that it will not in the slightest hinder them.

I wish the team in Denmark all the best with their research, although, as previously mentioned, I am uncertain how promising this could very well be.

Shall I be remembered when I have left this world?


What is the meaning of life?

It is a question that many have pondered about over the centuries, with a vast number of responses being theorised.

Of course, many would say that the answer is unbelievably simple: the meaning of life is to acquire an economically proficient occupation; to become a professionally empowered and respectable individual; to fall in love and one day have a cherished family. The biggest thing to keep in mind though, would be to always follow your mind; your heart; your gut; and to always, and this is the most important part – have fun. For what is life if it is dull, boring and predictable?

I on the other hand would additionally speculate that we wish to be remembered, right?

This is something that I have thought about – not often mind you, but it has on occasion crossed my mind. Bearing in mind this is not exactly the most positive post ever (in fact some may go so far as to call some of the connotations downright negative), so please bear with me. If you have objections, by all means – make them known at the conclusion of this piece…

Back to what I was writing…before we depart this Earth, we would like to have achieved something that someone would remember us by.

Militarian leaders of the past, the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte and Alexander the Great are especially known for their orchestration of the spilling of blood and frequent warfare; for their fantastical wins and unfathomable losses; the way they presided over their dynasty; and how they treated their municipals; their supporters; and their people.

I am not speculating that everyone wishes to go down in history with such a spectacular résumé under their belt, but I do believe that we wish to be able to look back and think ‘I will be remembered for this, that and the other.’

My question is, are we really ever remembered?

For instance, say when you leave this Earth you have yourself:
-a loving partner
-a fantastic child
-loving parents
-amazing friends
-a gorgeous dog
-a professional occupation

Will you be remembered?

Below is a purely hypothetical scenario of what could happen…

Your loving partner will weep for you, and will eventually; perhaps a year later, or maybe three, find a new lover and will happily marry them.
Your child will grow up calling another person ‘mummy’ or ‘daddy’.
Your parents will cry over you, for parents should never be forced to outlive their children, and then they too will pass away, and no longer will they grieve.
Your friends will drink to your memory, and soon afterwards find another friend to replace you with.
Your dog, being man’s best friend, will happily acknowledge the love and support of any new owner who comes into their life and will eventually forget you ever existed.
Your boss will, perhaps a week later, have already filled your position with another able bodied worker who will soon succeed you and go on to perhaps run the company.

What legend do we leave behind when there is always something, always someone that can so easily replace us? In love; in friendship; in professionalism; we are, each of us – replaceable. Really makes you consider the value of a human life.

Many people would say they would give anything to see their loved one again. But what would they give to feel happiness again?  How can we be remembered when the whole idea of living is to simply move on with your life when something horrific happens, such as losing someone who meant so much to you?

Besides, today, history is learnt and taught by so few people. Very few people have any respect for the past, and as the years go on, fewer people will care. There will come a time when people will simply not even remember about the ancient Egyptians; the ancient Greeks; the French Revolution, or the Russian Revolution; and if these significant moments in history are not remembered; how do you honestly think that you will ever be remembered for what you accomplished?

And in the end, much like the sands of time, we will be erased from the history of the world, and we will become nothing more than a whisper in the gathering dark, and soon after, we will be but silence in the background of time.

By this time, nobody will even remember us; and nobody will even care to.


Thoughts and suggestions are always welcome.

Have a great day!

My Christmas Post


I’m not religious – nor am I truly into the whole Christmas spirit. With that said however, that does not mean that I do not celebrate such an event. Just because I no longer put up a beautiful sparkling tree and other decorations about my residence does not mean that I do not choose to celebrate such an event. I mean, Christmas? It’s an excuse to be a spend thrift. For some reason I often acquire more pleasure from buying gifts for others than I do from buying presents for myself. Additionally, the act of acquiring gifts is quite fun for often you are given presents that you may not purchase yourself due to a potentially excessive price. Then there is the excuse to eat something quite deliciously bad for your health, and the additional excuse to consume large amounts of alcohol. Long story short – it is in my best interest to celebrate such an event even if my Christmas spirit has, over the past few years, dwindled.

I think Christmas is mainly for the children. Personally, I believe that I am too adult and mature to fully appreciate what Christmas once meant for me when I was a child. It was so exciting to such an extent that on several occasions I was unable to eat my own breakfast because of the anxiety I felt in regards to imagining what gifts I would receive that day. Now that I have experienced this same event a good number of times, I basically know what is going to happen because I have enjoyed it before, and even though it is Christmas, it is still repetitive.

I do however believe that Christmas is about spending time with family and friends, and thanking them for being a part of your life by showering them with gifts. This year I spent Christmas with family; namely my mum and dad. In the past I have had friends and even prior partners that I have enjoyed the event with, but this year – not so much.

That however does not make the act of receiving gifts any less enjoyable.

My pile of presents

My pile of presents

My mother's presents that I purchased for her

My mother’s presents that I purchased for her

...and the gifts I bought my father. If you can't alreday tekll - that gold parcel - real bastard to wrap that thing was

…and the gifts I bought my father. If you can’t already tell – that gold parcel – real bastard to wrap that thing was

In my view, the act of wrapping up the presents that you buy is as important as purchasing them. This opinion is one that I have always held. In my view, wrapping up a present is an act of love, for you are taking time out from your busy schedule to wrap that which will most likely not want to be wrapped, and will no doubt fight you tooth and nail to not be tucked away beneath an endless amount of wrapping paper. However, over the past couple of years I have noticed many individuals making their way to stalls within supermarkets to have their presents wrapped for them by others. In my opinion, this contradicts an essential part of what Christmas stands for. Do you have an opinion on this?

As I mentioned earlier in this post, Christmas is an excuse to indulge in that which you normally wouldn’t. Safe to say my exercise routine has been severely compromised from such a feast.



...on closer inspection. And yes, I made Christmas dinner this year. Also, that gravey - probably has more calories than the entire meal combined

…on closer inspection. And yes, I made Christmas dinner this year. Also, that gravy – probably has more calories than the entire meal combined

Dessert - the Pavlova.

Dessert – the Pavlova.

I really love my cappuccino

I really love my cappuccino

After dinner, I was as stuffed as this guy. I kid you not - I looked like the side of a house

After dinner, I was as stuffed as this guy. I kid you not – I looked like the side of a house

I know that many cooks often hate that which they make (or so I have been told) but I have to say I think I did a not half bad job. On the plus side my mother was glad to be out of the kitchen, for Christmas dinner is often a long drawn out process.

One thing I have always enjoyed, although I cannot entirely explain why, are the bon bons. This year however, they were surprisingly worse than usual. Only two of them contained jokes, so I was ripped off on four separate occasions (not that the jokes are ever really funny – I mean ‘why did the germ move across the microscope? To get to the other side!’ – that ain’t even Christmasy. Nor it is funny). You may have noticed a bottle opener in one of my above photos – yeah – you just know where that came from. If it can actually open a bottle, I would be deeply surprised.

On another note, the favourite gift I received for Christmas this year would have to be the Halo 4 Original Soundtrack, along with the additional six songs that I downloaded online. True, a soundtrack may not sound very impressive, but after playing the game a couple times over I had come to really appreciate the musical genius of the entertaining piece.

My second most favourite present would have to be Castle, seasons three and four. For reasons I cannot explain this series is always ridiculously expensive, so to have these two seasons purchased for me, is a relaxing weight off my shoulders.

The third favourite gift I received this year was a new Samsung mobile – a GT-C3520 Clam Shell. I realise that a phone in the eyes of many others would potentially be the most prized present received, but for me, it is simply a communicative device – nothing more. Additionally, I realise that Smart Phones are incredibly popular these days, but never have I come to truly appreciate them. I know they are capable of a wide variety of different things, but really – I find them a waste. True – you can watch films, surf the net, read and write documents, play music and do a whole manner of other things from playing games to no doubt eliminating Sunday drivers. In my opinion though, if you want to watch a film – buy a BluRay player. You want to read a book; buy a Kindle or other like device, or go out there and physically buy a living breathing book. Not that books live and breathe – that would be scary. If you want to surf the net or type a document – use a laptop. What happened to the days when phones were used to talk to people from long distances, or am I just old fashioned? But that’s my opinion, so please excuse my semi-rant for a moment there.

Lastly, I did enjoy my Christmas this year, and I hope everyone else did too.

Did you enjoy your Christmas this year? Did you see this holiday as an excuse to pig out? What are your thoughts and feelings about this annual holiday celebration?


Photos of our Special Days – do we really need them?


On Wednesday the 24th of October I celebrated my birthday. So, now with another year gone, that officially makes me the big two three.

Of course, the age difference is not really what was the most exciting about such an event. What was however were the many gifts that I received from family and friends.

I had mentioned that I primarily wanted to indulge in films, TV on DVD, music, clothing, aftershave and jewellery, and long and behold a miracle – my family and friends actually listened to me for a change!

Often in the past my friends and family have bought what they thought I would want rather than that which I had asked for, so I was glad to actually receive what I was after.

This included one necklace, two shirts and a wide variety of music, film and TV shows.

Additionally, a rather sumptuously delicious cake from Michelle’s Patisserie was purchased to coincide with my birthday. Often when cakes were purchased for my birthday in the past, they were sponges procured from Coles and Safeway, so it was nice to have a specially made cake with my name on it.

Now, I know that I perhaps should have made a post about this last week when such an occasion happened, but again my life has become a little clustered with business.

Of course, this leads me to the next part of my post – the pictures.

As you may have noticed – there are none.

No matter the situation, whether it be a birthday celebration, an occasion the likes of New Year’s Eve or Christmas, or even a night out with my girlfriend, my opinion remains the same. It’s not that I don’t like taking photos, or that I am simply too lazy to do so, no – there is a completely different reason at work here. The reason is that I really do not see the point.

True, a photo does seal a memory in time forever and is a great way to remember an occurrence that transpired in one’s life. The question I am going to ask however is; how could I, or anyone else for that matter, ever honestly forget a moment in life of such significance or import?

How could I forget a Christmas with my family and friends? How could I forget a birthday? How could I forget a night out with the woman of my dreams?

All of these occurrences in my life would be so valuable, that I would not need a photograph to remind me of them – they would be forever with me – permanently imprinted within my mind. I would constantly carry these moments with me – so why would I ever need assistance in reminding myself of something that meant so much? I wouldn’t – and that is why there are no photos of my birthday.

If you have your own views on this subject, please, by all means, comment at the end of this post!


The Questions Cometh…


I was recently tagged by Elaine, who’s blog can be found at the following link:

Thank you Elaine! If you have not checked out her blog, you absolutely should!

Anyway, the task here is to answer the 30 questions provided in just one word! Then, tag three other people and provide them access to the same three questions, and so on and so forth.

As you will soon realise, I did a terrible job at sticking to the rules…

So, here are my answers to the questions:

1. Where is your cell phone? Here!

2. Describe your boyfriend/girlfriend? Can’t (I’m a bachelor)

3. Your hair? Disappearing

4. Your mother? Annoying

5. Your father? Ill (My father has prostate cancer)

6. Your favourite item? Laptop

7. Your dream last night? Nope! (what dream? I have enough trouble trying to sleep let alone dream!)

8. Your favourite drink? Port/Coffee

9. Your dream car? Ferrari

10. The room you are in? Comfortable

11. Your ex? Married

12. Your fear? Loneliness

13. What do you want to be in 10 years? Successful

14. Who did you hang out with last night? Work Colleagues

15. What you’re not? Normal

16. The last thing you did? Stress

17. What are you wearing? Pants

18. Your favourite book? VampireBlood (the Darren Shan collection. You see what I did just there? I turned two words into one! Aren’t I a genius! No, not really)

19. The last thing you ate? Salad

20. Your life? Collapsed

21. Your mood? Hopeful (it’s my birthday tomorrow)

22. Your friends? Unfriendly

23. What are you thinking about right now? I can’t answer this! There might be children reading!

24. Your car? Non-existent

25. What are you doing at the moment? Typing

26. Your summer? Hot

27. What is on your TV? Mass Effect 2

28. When is the last time you laughed? 31 minutes ago (honestly, how can I make this into one word?)

29. Last time you cried? Thursday

30. School? University!

Here are the sites of the three people that I have tagged:




Again, thank you to Elaine for the tag!

Hope you enjoyed the post dear readers!

Cheers, and have a pleasant day – or night as it is where I am at this very second.

Talk is Cheap, but Silence is Golden


Why must we talk at breakfast, lunch and dinner with our families?

Who stated this had to happen?

Where did it all start?

Who can we blame?

Well, no offence, but this is the American’s doing. Yep, Americans and their drama serials, soaps and sitcoms, where the happy, stereotypical American family is portrayed as sitting around the dinner table and communicating to one another about their day.

Now, before you start sending in your hate mail allow me to state that the Americans have done a lot for us over the years. However, I do not think sitting around the table and talking to your family about your day and incorporating this ideology into a TV show and basically telling the entire world ‘you are not a good family if you don’t do this’ would be one of the many good things they have done for the world. No, not at all. In my view, it is a very, very bad thing.

Now, I will admit that at the moment not having a partner to share my life with can perhaps be a bit lonely. I wake up alone. I go to bed alone. I go to work alone. I go to university alone. I have breakfast for one, lunch for one, dinner for one and wine for seven.

I’m joking about that last part…or am I?

But at the end of the day the benefit (if you could call this a benefit) is that I don’t need to talk to anyone and I can enjoy a blissful silence with myself and my food. The day my food starts talking to me is not only a day I can officially wait for, but the day I send myself to a nice little place with rubber rooms and men in white suits.

When I ever eat with my family, it’s a completely different story. All three meals of the day if I happen to be present for them go something like this. ‘Chew, bla, bla, bla, chew, bla, bla, bla, chew, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla, chew’, and it just gradually gets worse from there.

As you can probably tell by now, I’m not exactly known for my socialising skills, especially when they happen to involve a dinner table. The issue I have, and I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, is that I like to taste my food. I like to enjoy my food. I like to be satisfied with my food. And I cannot eat, nor enjoy, nor be satisfied with my food when I am engaged in a conversation.

Maybe I’m a few tiles short of a roof, but I can’t seem to concentrate on doing two things at once when I am engaged in filling my body with the necessary requirements to keep me self alive for an extra few hours.

I guess anyone reading this might be looking for a point or a punch line to this whole post…I just don’t see the point why we as a species have been taught that we simply must fill our eating experiences with dialogue.

In documentary’s, I am yet to see one where two lions are gorging down the carcass of a zebra and one lion turns the other and says ‘so honey, how was your day?’ Of course, to the human ears it might sound a bit more like ‘roar, grrr, arr, roar, roar, meow’, but still, they don’t do that either.

Now, I am not saying that everyone should just shut up and eat. I can allow for some minor conversation. But I don’t see why the beginning, the middle and the end of the dinner and everything in-between must be flooded with continued conversation.

Can we not allow for a bit of silence? A bit like what Uma Thurman insinuated to John Travolta in Pulp Fiction – you know when you have found the perfect person to spend your life with when you can simply sit back and enjoy an uncomfortable silence with them.

So why that ideology cannot be spread by American television rather than this talk at the table every morning, noon and night garbage is beyond me.

If anyone reads this wishes to make a comment and say whether they like conversing a lot at dinner or believe that a little bit of silence every once in a while is golden, I would be quite appreciative to know what the people of the world think.

Thank you for reading,

Naughty Nefarious, signing off!

Daughter or Son?


Contains sexual references.

Daughter or son? Son or daughter? Who would I prefer? Now, I am yet to have children. You need a partner to have them. Well, that’s my belief. But that ain’t gonna stop me from discussing who I would prefer if I had the chance. Now, I would not use science and choose the sex of my child whilst the egg dances inside my hypothetical partner’s womb. No. I would let nature take its course. But if I am so adamant about who I want, why leave such a massive decision in the hands of chance? Why not? I can still have my hopes and wishes? Besides, science is not always right. Things can go wrong. Doctors said my mother was having a daughter. Time and time again they told her. But, I am a bloke, actual and whole. Well, I think I am. Let me check (I should probably know from how frequently my hands are in that general area) Penis? Check. Testicles? Check. No vagina or breasts? Not to my knowledge. If humanity had children by chance for so many centuries, I think I can live by such a code as well.

But that is still to answer my question, a daughter, or a son? Many guys would ask for a son to continue on the legacy of their family. Not me though. Surprised? In some parts of the world I might very well be crucified for saying I would want a daughter over a son? But why? Does it have anything to do with the fact I think women are smarter than men? Is it because I think they are more sweet, especially when they are younger? Well, it certainly wouldn’t be from having to worry about all the penises that might suddenly come chasing after her when she is of maturity. No. There are two reasons in fact. One funnily enough is Hollywood. In some films, the lead little girl is incredibly cute in the way she behaves. Like the little girl in Miracle on 34th Street – she was so incredibly smart and determined, and at such a young age. In Bioshock 2, the Little Sisters! They were so adorable in what they said – so sweet and polite.

The second reason, and this is the more pertinent one funnily enough – is the name. When it comes to creating names for women, I believe I have a certain ability for it. Not so much for blokes though. I would love to have a daughter as to name her Wilhelmina (Billie for short), Ophelia, Tamika, Tanyr, Prish, Dominica, Aayla, Aria, Tricisca (Trick for short), Lizabella and so on and so forth. (Might need more than one daughter to ensure any, if not all of these names can be used).

On another note, when the young lady enters puberty and begins to get her period – yeah, that ain’t gonna fill me with happiness – especially since I won’t know a single thing about how to accommodate her. Don’t worry, I know enough to know where to put the contraption (I’m talking about the tampon, although I wouldn’t know which one to buy cuz, have you seen how many brands? There are billions of them! Who would have guessed there needs to be so many kinds! They dry up liquid and stop it from going everywhere! How many kinds of devices do you need to do that very same job? Millions it would appear!) and what generally happens – but I’ve never had to talk a person through it – and I have no personal experience so how could I possibly know how much agonising pain she/they are going through?

But that is one issue I am certain I could live through unscarred. To see her grow up (with one of those names) would be quite the joy. Plus, what she would turn into! Another awesome occurrence! Well, I would not mind having a daughter who was incredibly smart, you know, a smart chick who was quite foxy in her own way. A daughter who was passionate about certain issues and was not scared to voice her concerns. A daughter who eventually joined the army and kicked arse on the front line as well as any male soldier. And I wouldn’t mind a daughter who eventually grew up to become a gothic lesbian in a heavy metal rock band who sang, played guitar and wowed audiences all over the globe (wouldn’t have to worry about boyfriends and penises then). (btw, I’m not gay, I just wouldn’t mind a gothic lesbian is all – who was tattooed too, don’t forget that, needs lots of tats! And studs!).

I mean these things – these are things you cannot ask of a son I don’t think. Especially the lesbian part. The only thing I would fear is losing them before I had left this Earth. And not to be greedy, but I don’t wanna check out for at least another cool few decades. That is the one thing I could not stand. To go through raising a child – feeding her, playing with her, paying for her, and of course, loving her with all my heart. Only to have the police arrive on my front porch when she had only just turned eighteen and say ‘Mr. Nefarious, your daughter has been in an accident’, that ‘accident’ been either a drunk driver or a deranged lunatic with a knife wanting a quick buck from her wallet, or a rapist who wanted a little more than just the money.

That, like I said, I could not take, nor could anyone. I realise it is a fear any parent has, but I guess the risk in the end is worth it. But how do they get past that fear? I’m not sure I could. My upbringing was not exactly a paradise. My parents were fine – they gave me almost everything I ever asked for. School however, and an awful lot of places outside of the home – that was an entirely different matter. Now, I realise many people have had lives far worse than mine; lives that make mine look like a walk in the park. But people do not get better. They get worse. Murder and other such crimes have never been higher than they are today. Those perpetrators are only going to get worse. Students kill each other at school now. And in the future, it will be a lot worse for the next generation. My question is, how can I guarantee my child’s safety, when I cannot guarantee mine now whenever I leave the house? I mean, I’m  a bloke, someone who is considered to be tough, right? If I cannot be one hundred per cent sure I can leave the house in the morning and return home that night with all my bits and pieces still attached, how can I protect my child in the future?

But if I don’t have a daughter, then how can I give her one of those names and watch her grow up to be a gothic lesbian in a band, or engage in any other possible career path? I guess this is just one of those times when you simply must run the risk to earn the reward. And what a reward it could be.

Naughty Nefarious, signing off.