Dollars and Sense – is it worth a cent of what is used to?


Which is better?

Poor in money, rich in health? Or Rich in money but poor in health?

Uneducated but employed? Or well educated but unemployed?

House of your own with economical troubles? Or mortgage with substantially steady income?

Poor yet popular, with loving family and friends to support you? Or unpopular, with no family or friends and no chance of any future relationships, romantic or otherwise, yet wealthy?

Weak in spirit, strong in money? Or strong in spirit but economically weak?

Religiously spiritual, and proud of it, but economically challenged? Or faithless, yet economically healthy?

Once professionally successful, with substantial resume, now economically defeated? Or professionally unsuccessful, with little to no job history, yet economically sufficient?

Well educated full time university student at prestigious campus, with good qualifications and many future prospects, yet overshadowed by horrendous amounts of economical government loans? Or well educated full time university student at prestigious campus, with good qualifications and many future prospects that look to go unfulfilled, with no economical government loans?

Physically hideous but wealthy? Or physically fabulous yet poor?

Economically comfortable – will not work professionally again? Or working professionally yet economically insecure?

Obviously stated, these questions all come down to the theme of money, and the potential, mandatory need for such a vital product. From where water was once considered a necessary resource, money appears to be slowly becoming the one thing that every human is fighting tooth and nail for. Now, I am not saying that never did people fight for money before. I am emphasising that never did such a battle feel as though all sides were inevitably losing.

Economical security has always been a mandate for we humans, but it would seem that never has there been such a pressure for economical power as there is today.

Taxes today are increasing exponentially, and prices are sky rocketing for almost every product that anyone can possibly think of. Those who were once living comfortably are now, on occasion, discovering how it feels to be, what some might refer to as, ‘poor’. When those who did not suffer economical troubles before suddenly begin to feel the weight of such conflict upon their shoulders, I think it is a fair time to say that the state of the economical system is changing, and not in a positive way either.

The real question I would like to pose to my readership is this; how far is too far in regards to money? As mentioned previously, the security of our money has always been a primary concern, but has the economical crisis that has shaken the global economy caused such gargantuan rifts that what has transpired will forever alter that state of our economical systems?

People used to say that money never successfully made another happy; however the state of the world today might be postulating a unanimous disagreement to such an age old connotation. The need of money today, and the means to adequately acquire it is what makes people happy, and many are beginning to suffer a great wealth of unhappiness from having the opposite scenario fall upon them.

One final question; as with many concerns that befall our societies; war, injustice, hatred, will the economical crisis cause us to lose a vital component that makes us who we are? What is the point of money and the many horrific occurrences that may spawn from it if we lose our humanity in the process?