S’up? Welcome to Station Deva, or Deva Station, as I call it, the last place all ships must dock before heading off further into the abyss. My name is Derek Childs. I am a twenty something year old man living in Melbourne, Australia. I am at present a full time university student undertaking a Master of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing at Melbourne University. In 2012 I completed a  Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Professional Writing from Victoria University.

Looking at my name, you may notice it is quite different to ‘Naughty Nefarious’, the user name I identify myself with on this blog. Such is the title I once used back when I was with a band, and especially when I was involved in writing lyrics. I have not used it in quite a while, but never did forget the title and find that it still has its uses; this blog, for instance? Now, I am unsure if I really am ‘naughty’ or ‘nefarious’ for that matter. However, if you read the pieces I publish I am certain that you as my readership could develop such an opinion for yourselves.

On this blog I aim to basically write about anything that I find quite intriguing, or anything that shits me. I will also at times write random lines of thought, talk about my love life (or lack there of), review video games, DLC packs and movies that I watch, and I on occasion announce pieces that I develop on my other blog. Yes, I have another blog. The following link leads to that which I speak of, which is the one I use to broadcast pieces of poetry and prose upon: http://totalovrdose.wordpress.com/

Now, to briefly sum up my life thus far; I worked as a model when I was younger for a couple of years for several different clothing lines. I then moved up in the world, or is that down (?) to work for a short while at a well known establishment known only as ‘Coles’. During my time at high school I became a member of a school band, where we rocked the socks off anyone who dared to listen to us for a good couple of years, before we each retired, and have not seen each other again since. However, during my time in said band I began to write lyrics, some of which we performed music to, and it was from my time there that I began to produce poetry.

I am at the moment an unpublished author, but on the other hand I am a published poet. My goal is to one day (hopefully sooner rather than later) become a published writer and live the stereotypical, or would that be not so typical dream, where I get rich from all the movie deals that are made from my many novels, and spend the rest of my life being bored shitless on golf courses with beautiful women dangling off my arms. Wait, does that really happen?

Regardless, in my spare time I enjoy watching films and television shows that are able to impress me. I work out when I am not digesting pieces of cinematic gold, and on top of all this I am an avid video gamer. Basically, if it’s a First Person Shooter, I have probably played it, clocked it, and at one point or another gone back and played it again.

If there is anything else worth learning about me I’ll probably end up discussing it in my posts. Other than that I thank you for arriving at Deva Station and I do hope you enjoy your stay. You may however need to grab yourself a few alcoholic beverages, for what you will no doubt find here will probably go down better after the third glass of red, white, or whatever else is on offer.

Sincerely and with kind regards,

Your gracious host, blogger, and potentially partial bad guy,

Naughty Nefarious

Bloggers Note: Although I go by the name ‘Naughty’, that does not necessarily mean that I play fast and loose with the law. All pieces published on this site, with the exception of any reblogged posts, are owned by me and I hold the copyright. Any reblogged pieces are the sole copyright of the original creators. Any views and opinions I share on this site are strictly my own and do not represent or reflect the views and opinions of any affiliates or companies.

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