Getting slapped in the face by the many pages of thy many books

Recently, the beautiful PM wrote an interesting post on a meme concerning books, and after inviting me to partake in a post of my own, well, who am I to say ‘no’? PM’s interesting little nugget can be found here peeps…

So, without further ado, time to answer some questions it would seem…

Author you’ve read the most books from: Andrew Daddo, JK Rowling, John Whitman, John Saul, William Shakespeare (although technically these were plays and poetry collections rather than actual books)

Best Sequel Ever: I’ll probably steal PM’s answer and say one of the Harry Potter texts – The Goblet of Fire no doubt.

Currently Reading: Floundering, Romy Ash

Drink of choice while reading – I normally don’t drink from fear of spilling it, but if I had to say, either coffee, water or wine

E-reader or physical book: I’m an old dinosaur (not really) and will always go with the physical version. I have tried e-readers and I have never truly adapted to them. I like to feel an actual text – the moving of the pages as I turn them over – being able to close the text and open it again, as though I am temporarily locking the characters up to reveal them again and give them life at a later date.

Fictional character you probably would have dated in high school – Difficult to say, but I will note this, when I was younger and was reading Animorphs, I had a thing for Cassie. Since high school, my taste in women has not changed much, and although I can think of many intelligent women from books, I also have a thing for women with tattoos and piercings, and none of them spring to mind when remembering any books…

Glad you gave this book a chance – the Book of Lies by James Moloney. My mother bought this for me in high school because when I was  a lot younger I used to tell lots of lies and she said she saw this book and immediately thought of me. Glad she did, because this was a really interesting fantasy adventure!

Hidden gem book:  Perhaps Andrew Daddo’s Dacked – his short story collections were so relatable when I was a teenager from the voice of the character to the life experiences, and although they were meant to be funny, I never really laughed that much, but I was certainly entertained, and it was because of this man’s short stories that I began to write a few of my own.

Important Moment in your reading life – perhaps the above mentioned book, because, like I said, this assisted me in taking my own writing endeavors more seriously.

Just finished – Foster, Claire Keegan

Kind of books you won’t read – I once began 50 Shades of Grey for an assignment at university. I was at least 15 pages into it before I slammed my face into my desk in an attempt to end my horrific torment. Since then, I can officially say, that erotic romance is not my thing, and neither is romance in general – unless its poetry – I just darn well love me some romantuic poetry.

Longest book you read – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix certainly felt that way the first time I read it. Then when I went back to it later I thought ‘eh, you ain’t that big!’

Major book hangover because of:  perhaps Terrible Times by Eddie Dickens. This was in I do believe 2003 mind you, but when I started reading this, I simply could not stop!

Number of bookcases you own – 2, both the same height as I, and I am one tall drink of water!

Book you have read multiple times – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone, sometimes called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, depending on what country you live in.

Preferred place to read – my couch and my floor – I like being all spread out, funnily enough I have never truly become accustomed to reading in bed though…

Quote that inspires you – Yeah, don’t have one, sorry guys! No, scratch that, I do! ‘so long as men can breathe or eyes can see, so long lives this, and this gives life to thee.’ William Shakespeare wrote this in his fifteenth sonnet ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day’ which emphasises immortalising a beautiful young woman forever in the art of writing, and to this day I have kept this in mind – when writing about someone I love, my goal is to immortalise them inside a textual piece for all of time so other people may love her too!

Reading Regret – can’t remember the title, it was an Australian book about a football player who was hired by a PR company for an ad that went terribly wrong and his career ended up on the line. It was supposed to be hilarious, and although there were a couple of laughs at the start, most of the book left me shaking my head in disbelief – me and football never did become very well acquainted anyway. Technically that’s not entirely true – during a game at primary school, the soccer ball was kicked by the goal keeper and landed right on top of my head. Not funny!
Additionally, and no offence to the man’s memory, but John Forbes and his Collected Poems – eh, sheesh! Not going to read you again my friend!

Series you started and need to finish – don’t have one yet…

Three of your all time favourite books – Dacked by Andrew Daddo, probably a Harry Potter book and William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. I have never been too good at valuing which is my all time favorite books because I often find them to be equal if I enjoyed them.

Unapologetic Fanboy of:  William Shakespeare, John Donne, Andrew Marvell, Tara Mokhtari

Very excited for the release more of – I have been thinking of George R.R Martin and his fantasy series since I am a major fan of the TV show Game of Thrones, and if I start his book collection, I will have to see it through…

Worst book habit – if someone borrows my books and they do anything, I mean anything to them – break the spine, curl a corner of the page, spill something on it – then that person had better run, else my wrath will reign down upon them – basically, my worst book habit is that I am a book Nazi – do not hurt my books or I will hurt you!

X marks the spot (start from the top left of a bookshelf and go along to the 27th book what is it?) Looks like our winner is Muddle Earth from Paul Stewart and Chris Riddle

Latest Book Purchase – it was, funnily enough, a reader for one of my university subjects called Text Time and Space – truly a riveting read (by the way I am being sarcastic)

ZZZ -snatcher book (last book that kept you up all hours of the night) Hasn’t happened in a while, but it might have been Stephen King’s Misery, but this was a few years ago. I try to do my reading during the day as to not be consumed by it come nightfall. I have some kind of insomnia (don’t ask me which, I ain’t no doctor) and if my mind is too active when I go to bed, that sure ain’t going to help matters either.

Well, thank you to PM for telling me about this meme. Quite a fun exercise ma’am!

7 comments on “Getting slapped in the face by the many pages of thy many books

  1. we’re the same, i don’t like people hurting my books too! i love how you said you want to immortalize someone on a text so others may love her too, that rocks. i’m never convinced with my poetry but whoever i’m talking about is certainly not getting good press, i’m afraid 😆 you don’t read in bed? because you doze off or something? fantastic post, mr. childs, well done!

    • Thank you for the comment PM! Thank you again also for directing me to partake in this meme!
      The people you write about ain’t getting good press? Seems kinda funny, but no matter the way one writes, as long as it is written well, and yours certainly is ma’am, it doesn’t really matter what theme we write on, does it?
      Yes, I do not read in bed. I have trouble sleeping enough already, but if I were to read in bed, my mind would remain very active and I would never doze off – I’d just keep thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and there would be no way to shut the guy in my head off!
      Again, appreciate the comment PM! 😀 😀 😀

      • always happy to throw you memes, mr. childs. oh thank you, never short in generosity with my writing. wow, i can imagine the activity in your head after reading in bed, too much traffic perhaps! i find that interesting because sometimes reading tires me and helps me sleep.

  2. You love for books astounds me. Now I understand where your Shakespearean background comes from. I will have to say Shakespeare is also one of my favorite reads. His plays and poetry give me life and allow me to breath thoughts of joy and pain, all at the same time.

    So…can I borrow a book from you? I promise I won’t mangle it in a million pieces! 😉

    I’ll have to admit, I’m in the in-between stage where I love reading a physical book but also love the practical use of an e-reader. There’s something magical about smelling a fresh book from the store and beginning from page 1.

    You sounded like I did with my terrible book hangover of John Grisham’s The Firm. I started reading that thing and couldn’t put it down. I wanted to see what came next, but also realized there was more to the story than a young lawyer caught in the clutches of the mob. I had sleepless nights wanting to get it done!

    Anyway, great getting to know you. Wonderful seeing so much balance in your reading habits!

    • Thank you! Appreciate you taking the time to comment!
      Glad to find another avid reader who enjoys Shakespeare. I have always enjoyed the way that old English is written, and how it often seems so much more passionate than some of today’s language, and I personally would hate to forget where some of humanity’s literary greatness began.
      Oh, and sorry,but no, I cannot allow you to borrow any of my books! 😀 It’s not that I don’t trust you sir, your love is reading is incredibly impressive – I just don’t trust the hundreds of miles that separate my country from yours – I shudder to think what horrible, horrible things could happen along the journey! Eek! 😀
      Again Mr. Flacco, thank you for the comment!

  3. I am so bad that I can’t answer these really (and I love memes, *sniff*), as I don’t read real books anymore. I read fan fiction and am currently looking forward to the next issues of the “Kingdom Hearts” manga, the first to be released in years (they sure took their sweet time translating it). My favorite actual book, or one of them, though, is the sixth “Harry Potter”. I wish the movie version wasn’t dreadful. I remember way too many smooching scenes in that. Eww.

    I, too, am not a fan of romance. I’m a bore, perhaps, but I find the way love is portrayed much of the time too unrealistic. I also don’t let people touch my books, because when I used to read, I would have this special way of holding it so the spine doesn’t get creased. It is rather uncomfortable, but worth it in the end. But, I can’t trust others to do the same.

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