Confessions of a Coffee Addict

I know, I know! I haven’t posted anything recently on this particular blog of mine, but fear not (if you were fearing) for I have found a topic that I wish to discuss! (Wild applause)

Ever since Riva disappeared from the shelves, I have been desperately searching for a replacement to supplement my love of coffee. More often than not I am disappointed by the lack of taste or general weakness that a particular blend provides, but upon smelling the fragrance of the Avalanche Duo, and noticing that it was the first coffee since Riva that smelt genuine, I thought I was onto something special.

You will notice I am speaking in past tense, yes – well, that will be revealed soon!


I always heave two mounds into my cup, with one mound of sugar and no milk (I have always felt that milk deafens the taste). Basically, there are no difficult steps that need to be taken to adequately create a cup of Avalanche coffee, which is surprising because after my first cup of it I could have sworn that something had gone terribly wrong.

Now, for legal reasons, I will say this; I am not a professional reviewer, and this opinion is simply my own!

Okay, now back onto the review…

The first thing I noticed was that each mouthful of Avalanche Duo is thick. Riva and every other coffee blend I have ever drunk was thin, like water, and easily slid down my throat, and unless I am drinking cappuccino, I cannot imagine why a regular coffee would be as thick as this. If that is not enough, the drink is also quite sticky, and it felt as though there was something caught on my teeth, which is the last thing I need to feel whilst attempting to enjoy myself. Drinking coffee is meant to be a relaxing pastime right, not an annoying one?

If this is not enough, although Avalanche Duo smells like coffee, it tastes much different than what I was initially expecting. Instead of tasting, well, like coffee, Avalanche Duo has what I might call a fake chocolate taste to it. Safe to say, if I wanted the equivalent of hot chocolate, I would have bought that rather than coffee.

Lastly, and this is the most important part I realised, the last mouthful, albeit, rather large mouthful, was filled with sludge. Now, I called the hotline for Avalanche Coffee, (which was in New Zealand by the way so I am guessing my phone bill this month is going to be bigger than my ego) and I was told that this is meant to be this way. You see, 15% of this particular coffee is Infused Fresh Coffee, and this is what is supposed to happen when this particular variant is used, although I for the life of me cannot see how this is in anyway tolerated. Imagine drinking a cup of tea, and in the last couple of mouthfuls finding yourself choking on all of the leaves that have spilled out from the bag? That is how this is like, and as you might imagine it was quite a shock for someone who was not at all expecting this, and just as much the second time when this moron forgot what had happened the day before. Imagine that? Forgetful much?


There is however a way around this issue. If you are like me, you don’t drink your coffee immediately after you make it; you have your lunch/snack, before beginning to savor your coffee afterwards once it has cooled down by a couple of degrees. This is the problem. If you do not drink Avalanche Duo immediately after stiring it, the coffee will accumulate at the bottom in a sludge after returning to its original state. So, if you drink your coffee like I do, you need to stir it again before proceeding to drink – although I must admit one quick stir will not suffice – you need to really put some elbow grease in there, and then it should be alright. Only once though, over the course of the four times I have had Avalanche Duo, have I not had to suffer the sludge at the bottom of my cup.

My concluding review? Well, this is just my opinion and you dear reader may actually enjoy it. I however, a guy who does not believe in wasting food; good, bad or indifferent, cannot wait to finish the bottle that I bought. Must buy? For me, nope, never again I am afraid!

If you have tasted Avalanche Duo and have your own opinion, please comment if you wish.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day! Oh, and good coffee too!

12 comments on “Confessions of a Coffee Addict

  1. Bleeeech. I hate it when that (having sludge at the bottom of my cup) happens. I was also a victim of Avalanche Duo HAHAHA because I kinda liked the packaging I thought it was good coffee but yuck never again.

    • I totally agree with you ma’am, and although I’m glad you could relate to my dislike of such a product, I am sorry it had to happen to you too! Appreciate the comment ma’am, thank you! 😀

    • yes, it sucks when coffee is not around. Your comment is kind of general Ms. PM; when you say you miss coffee, do you mean that you lost the coffee; that you are unable to drink coffee; or that there is no coffee left in the Philippines? Pardon me ma;am, but like I said, very broad comment. I do appreciate you taking the time to write PM! Thank you, and I wish you all the coffee beans you can drink in the future. 😀

  2. Loved reading this as I sipped on my morning cup of coffee (cream only, no sugar, thank you.) What a strange and fascinating product — never heard of anything quite like it. Sorry to be so dense, but this is instant coffee, correct? Dump some into a cup and mix with hot water? Why not go the brewed or Keurig route? Just curious.

    • Thanks for the comment. Yes, I would assume this to be instant coffee – does involve water and mixing, etc. I like mixing my own coffee by hand and having a coffee machine thingy is just all too darn, what’s the word I’m looking for – ah, I’m just too lazy for anything like that! I have considered it, but, yeah, too lazy!
      Thank you again for commenting! Have a great day!

  3. Well, you certainly know who review a coffee, that’s for sure. I’ve never tasted this brand although it’s probably a brand not available here on Canadian shelves. Then again, I’ve stopped drinking coffee about a decade and a half ago, so I’m not entirely looking for coffee when I’m shopping. Nonetheless, this brand, in my opinion, seems lacking in the basics such as proper mix consistency.

    Have you ever thought of grinding your own coffee? That might help with your sensitive taste buds. Besides, things always taste better when they’re fresh. Anyway, I’m sure you can find the beans at any old bulk shop. Where I live, we have one right around the corner. It’s always busy. I guess Canada has a lot of coffee drinkers too!

    • You stopped drinking coffee? Whenever someone says that I wonder why that is…
      Additionally, maybe you should consider yourself lucky this particular brand of coffee is not available in your region of the world…
      Also, you are not the first person to comment on this post that I should perhaps consider grinding my own beans. On top of this my mother has been suggesting that I do this for years as well. I always thought myself too lazy for such a thing and the task at hand to be too annoyingly strenuous, but perhaps I will take your advice…And yes, I do agree about the availability of the coffee beans – at my local supermarket there are two stores that sell them, both in extremely close proximity to one another.
      Thank you for the comment!

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