Follow the yellow brick road? What on Earth are you talking about?

Hey peeps!

It’s really late, so I if seem somewhat deranged (I usually do anyway) just blame it on the fact that my body is crying out for some z’s.

See this guy?


Well, that’s me on a better day. Now, I am not only showing this picture so all you single ladies out there can try and contact this singularly handsome bachelor (BARF!).

I am also showing this image to prove that I am (somewhat) human, as are my motives in running this little blog of mine. Now, I believe in the general notion that if you follow someone’s page, then they may very well follow you back. Some people may however wonder why my blog is contradicting the words I am expressing in this post.

In my ‘about’ section I discuss how I have two blogs; this one, and my Totalovrdose account, whose link can be found in the ‘About’ section. My end point? I hope I don’t come off sounding like a right ass, but I don’t follow a person, when I happen to be already following them on my other blog. I do not see the point in being notified twice about a new person’s post on both pages when one will equally suffice, no matter how awesome they are or how amazing their post might be. So, if Naughty Nefarious ain’t following your blog, Totalovrdose might very well be, and if Naughty Nefarious does not ‘like’ your posts then perhaps Totalovrdose will. It will ultimately depend on which profile I am using when I happen to ‘like’ a post one has promulgated or ‘follow’ a new blog that I discover during my journeys online.

I just don’t want to come off like an arsehole. You ladies and gentleman who have graced me with your ‘follows’, ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ come up with some truly amazing pieces and I would just like to make clear that I probably am following you to some extent, whether or not you have come to realise it. In the past on different social media sites, I have been accused of not following a person’s account when they were following my own, which ultimately caused them to quit following mine. If however I am not following you, and what I have stipulated here ain’t at all accurate, then please, by all means, you may label me an ‘arsehole’, but not before.

Additionally, I may not be following you on either account cuz I am yet to discover you…I’m a lot like the Melbourne train service – very slow, but I’ll get there eventually.

Now, if you excuse me, it’s late and I need rest.

Naughty Nefarious, signing off

2 comments on “Follow the yellow brick road? What on Earth are you talking about?

  1. I wonder sometimes if people will be annoyed that I don’t follow anyone. Not one person. I will go check their blogs every few days, but I don’t want the emails associated with following. I also am picky about liking for some reason. There are many posts I like, but I just don’t click like except on a select few.

    • I agree with you about wondering if people will have negative feelings associated with me for not following them. If someone likes a post of mine, I will naturally make my way over to their site and like some of their work. Half the time I will end up following them because I really do like their work (a lot). That is a choice of mine. However, if someone follows me, regardless of whether or not I believe their work to be fantastic, I often feel that it is my duty to follow them, else they’ll repay me with an unfollow. As I mentioned in the post, that has happened in the past on other sites of mine, and it made me question what it was that I had done wrong – or hadn’t done as the case may have been. Other bloggers have also told stories about this, which allows me to acknowledge that not only does this happen, but it happens rather frequently as well.
      Of course, if I follow someone’s blog, like their pieces, and they never make their way over to mine, I feel a little betrayed, so I can imagine how some people may terminate their choice to follow a blog, well, partially anyway.
      Once again, thank you for your comment! 😀

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