Shall I be remembered when I have left this world?


What is the meaning of life?

It is a question that many have pondered about over the centuries, with a vast number of responses being theorised.

Of course, many would say that the answer is unbelievably simple: the meaning of life is to acquire an economically proficient occupation; to become a professionally empowered and respectable individual; to fall in love and one day have a cherished family. The biggest thing to keep in mind though, would be to always follow your mind; your heart; your gut; and to always, and this is the most important part – have fun. For what is life if it is dull, boring and predictable?

I on the other hand would additionally speculate that we wish to be remembered, right?

This is something that I have thought about – not often mind you, but it has on occasion crossed my mind. Bearing in mind this is not exactly the most positive post ever (in fact some may go so far as to call some of the connotations downright negative), so please bear with me. If you have objections, by all means – make them known at the conclusion of this piece…

Back to what I was writing…before we depart this Earth, we would like to have achieved something that someone would remember us by.

Militarian leaders of the past, the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte and Alexander the Great are especially known for their orchestration of the spilling of blood and frequent warfare; for their fantastical wins and unfathomable losses; the way they presided over their dynasty; and how they treated their municipals; their supporters; and their people.

I am not speculating that everyone wishes to go down in history with such a spectacular résumé under their belt, but I do believe that we wish to be able to look back and think ‘I will be remembered for this, that and the other.’

My question is, are we really ever remembered?

For instance, say when you leave this Earth you have yourself:
-a loving partner
-a fantastic child
-loving parents
-amazing friends
-a gorgeous dog
-a professional occupation

Will you be remembered?

Below is a purely hypothetical scenario of what could happen…

Your loving partner will weep for you, and will eventually; perhaps a year later, or maybe three, find a new lover and will happily marry them.
Your child will grow up calling another person ‘mummy’ or ‘daddy’.
Your parents will cry over you, for parents should never be forced to outlive their children, and then they too will pass away, and no longer will they grieve.
Your friends will drink to your memory, and soon afterwards find another friend to replace you with.
Your dog, being man’s best friend, will happily acknowledge the love and support of any new owner who comes into their life and will eventually forget you ever existed.
Your boss will, perhaps a week later, have already filled your position with another able bodied worker who will soon succeed you and go on to perhaps run the company.

What legend do we leave behind when there is always something, always someone that can so easily replace us? In love; in friendship; in professionalism; we are, each of us – replaceable. Really makes you consider the value of a human life.

Many people would say they would give anything to see their loved one again. But what would they give to feel happiness again?  How can we be remembered when the whole idea of living is to simply move on with your life when something horrific happens, such as losing someone who meant so much to you?

Besides, today, history is learnt and taught by so few people. Very few people have any respect for the past, and as the years go on, fewer people will care. There will come a time when people will simply not even remember about the ancient Egyptians; the ancient Greeks; the French Revolution, or the Russian Revolution; and if these significant moments in history are not remembered; how do you honestly think that you will ever be remembered for what you accomplished?

And in the end, much like the sands of time, we will be erased from the history of the world, and we will become nothing more than a whisper in the gathering dark, and soon after, we will be but silence in the background of time.

By this time, nobody will even remember us; and nobody will even care to.


Thoughts and suggestions are always welcome.

Have a great day!

8 comments on “Shall I be remembered when I have left this world?

  1. I went to a funeral today, it was a death of a 20-year-old who was in the same swimming club as me. I kept thinking about this the whole time. But that church was full, some people even had to stand. He was only 20, an average 20-year-old and yet he had affected so many people. That’s what I want to my life.

    • I am sorry for your loss ma’am. I apologise if my post seemed at all careless and inconsiderate. I can be like that sometimes – have my views and ideas cloud the emotional impact that others may feel. That does not excuse my actions though, so again, I am sorry if my words were not empathetic on such a powerful issue.
      I do agree with you though – wanting to be remembered by so many people even at such a young age because of the extraordinary affect one had on them. It would be good to know that your life could positively influence so many people to come and bid you goodbye before having your body laid to rest.

      • No, not at all. I thought your post was very well written in that respect 🙂

        I really see what you mean about not being remembered by people who never met you. You would have had to accomplish something great for that.

  2. i think this makes it more important, that we make the best of what we have while we can, because once we’re done with it, nobody will remember us.

    • I agree with you PM, however I also think that my post was quite negative in that respect because I am developing the generalisation that people are so easily forgotten, which I guess is partially true. There are literally millions of people who have probably come and gone who may have completed a vast quantity of endeavors, yet we do not have any realisation of their existence.
      Really makes one wonder how much of a legacy needs to be left behind to ensure one’s preservation throughout history…

  3. I have thought of such things myself. People are so easy to replace, it seems. I used to move a lot, and my friends found me very easy to replace. It seems like, what’s the point in getting to know anyone when they are more than happy to replace me with another living human being if something happens to me. It seems like the relationship was meaningless. I’m shocked at how little people seem to value human relationships anymore. I value them, but they often don’t. But, now I’m being angsty.

    I also want people to remember me. That is likely why I try so hard to make things. The blog, pictures, comics. Maybe they’ll survive, and I’ll be remembered that way. I guess if I’m gone, I won’t be worrying about if anyone remembered me or not, but currently, I want them to. And I’m mean, but I don’t want anyone to get over me too fast when I die. I want them to mourn me. Mourn me! Ah, who am I kidding, they’ll find a new person. They’ll probably make friends with another person at the hospital. Or the funeral.

    • Again, DuckofIndeed, thank you for the very interesting comment! I understand and can relate to much of what you said, and although I do not necessarily create much today,. I would like to at least do one thing that I can be really proud of, and perhaps other people can be too; maybe that will allow me to be remembered. I have in the past said to myself, family members, perspective partners, et al, that if a lover of mine died, I would mourn for at least a year before contemplating moving on. I would like to think that on the day I do die, if I had been lucky enough to find someone by that time, that they would do the same for me. But, like you say; they’ll probably find someone at the funeral – if anyone even bothers to turn up. I agree with you that human life and relationships seem to mean very little today, and I have sometimes heard myself saying ‘love is dead’. Might be a tad bit of an exaggeration, but sometimes, it unfortunately seems the case. This comment seems to be getting quite morose and depressing, so how about I end it here. Thank you again for stopping by!

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