Photos of our Special Days – do we really need them?


On Wednesday the 24th of October I celebrated my birthday. So, now with another year gone, that officially makes me the big two three.

Of course, the age difference is not really what was the most exciting about such an event. What was however were the many gifts that I received from family and friends.

I had mentioned that I primarily wanted to indulge in films, TV on DVD, music, clothing, aftershave and jewellery, and long and behold a miracle – my family and friends actually listened to me for a change!

Often in the past my friends and family have bought what they thought I would want rather than that which I had asked for, so I was glad to actually receive what I was after.

This included one necklace, two shirts and a wide variety of music, film and TV shows.

Additionally, a rather sumptuously delicious cake from Michelle’s Patisserie was purchased to coincide with my birthday. Often when cakes were purchased for my birthday in the past, they were sponges procured from Coles and Safeway, so it was nice to have a specially made cake with my name on it.

Now, I know that I perhaps should have made a post about this last week when such an occasion happened, but again my life has become a little clustered with business.

Of course, this leads me to the next part of my post – the pictures.

As you may have noticed – there are none.

No matter the situation, whether it be a birthday celebration, an occasion the likes of New Year’s Eve or Christmas, or even a night out with my girlfriend, my opinion remains the same. It’s not that I don’t like taking photos, or that I am simply too lazy to do so, no – there is a completely different reason at work here. The reason is that I really do not see the point.

True, a photo does seal a memory in time forever and is a great way to remember an occurrence that transpired in one’s life. The question I am going to ask however is; how could I, or anyone else for that matter, ever honestly forget a moment in life of such significance or import?

How could I forget a Christmas with my family and friends? How could I forget a birthday? How could I forget a night out with the woman of my dreams?

All of these occurrences in my life would be so valuable, that I would not need a photograph to remind me of them – they would be forever with me – permanently imprinted within my mind. I would constantly carry these moments with me – so why would I ever need assistance in reminding myself of something that meant so much? I wouldn’t – and that is why there are no photos of my birthday.

If you have your own views on this subject, please, by all means, comment at the end of this post!


10 comments on “Photos of our Special Days – do we really need them?

  1. Well I’m glad to hear you had a good birthday! 😀 I’m like you when it comes to pictures, I don’t like taking them and I don’t like it when people take my pictures. In fact, everyone knows how much I hate pictures that they don’t even bother asking me to be in them, haha.

    Though… pictures of food are a completely different story. 😉

    • Appreciate the comment – and the follow! Yes, I agree, taking photos of food and other such items that do not include me I have no problem with. I know I said that I don’t see the point in taking photos because I probably won’t forget the event they represent, but perhaps I have the subconscious fear that I might look like a goofball in one – and thus would be immortalised as a goofball within the photo for all eternity! However, when it comes to food – well, when was the last time you saw a bad photo of a cake?

  2. Those photos I took long ago for no apparent reason….well….my children (now grown) cherish them. It brings all the story telling of special moments to life for them. Not to mention many laughs over the changing styles….:) So for me, it isn’t about forgetting those special days, it’s about remembering. Happy belated Birthday!

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