It was only up until recently that I came to notice how ridiculously often the term ‘lol’ is used, especially by the fairer sex, and how infrequently the act of laughing out loud occurred in comparison. Ten years ago the term ‘lol’ was barely used, if ever. In fact, I would go so far to say that I never heard anyone use the term. But I recently also discovered I had spent half my life living under a rock, so I can’t really for the life of me say. What I can state however, is that now the term is used so frequently to the extent that it almost seems as though people in general have forgotten how to laugh out loud.

Now, I am certain that many people would argue against me on this, so allow me to retort to any and all who would say how wrong I am in my assertions. I am also certain that one could not argue that saying ‘lol’ is easier than laughing, or that it is perhaps more fun. By laughing you convey how hilarious what you are laughing at truly is, and if it is someone’ else’s joke, then this would please them, and if it was at someone’s expense, well, then that would at least please yourself.

I am quite disappointed that such is indeed occurring moreover. I prefer it when a woman laughs out loud rather than using such terminology to describe the act. It’s reflective of someone saying ‘that’s funny’ after somebody tells a joke rather than laughing politely. For when a woman laughs, she appears more incredibly beautiful than she ever did before. A woman’s eyes grow brighter and her face lights up like the roaring sun iteslf as the immense happiness of the act engulfs her. Everyone else is apparently absent from the room when this occurs, all eyes being drawn towards this unbelievable sight.

Now, by saying ‘lol’ all that beauty that was once developed is all but gone. If a woman was quite, well, ‘bouncy’, for lack of a better word,  it was often great to make her laugh because then she might ‘bounce’ some more. However, ‘lol’ does not involve bouncing of any kind, so what once was, is now lost. In my view, perhaps everyone should stop telling jokes in general if in the future ‘lol’ is going to be the only thing pouring out from the mouths of the general public.

The problem here is that when a new ‘fad’ comes along, a great majority of the public begin to utilise it. ‘Lol’ is the new fad I speak of, and, like all fads, is being used by all. I only hope, again like all fads, that it eventually burns itself out so that I could perhaps hear a woman laugh once more before I kick off.

This is of course and as always, just my opinion.

Now, if you don’t mind me, I’m going to go and try to make a young beauty laugh. I know, a very difficult chore, but I feel it is one that must be done all the same.

The Rich get Richer and the Poor stay Poor

Earlier this week the news was reporting upon a new workforce plan; the importing of overseas workers to work in Australia when we already have plenty of workers living in this country.

This however is not a new plan. It has being in the news on and off for the past couple years, especially since PM Julia Gillard took office. The general idea is that Australia supposedly requires a certain amount of skilled migrants to fill the jobs that nobody wants to have in this country. It is believed that there is a certain amount of workers required for each job, and migrant labor is imported to fill this quota, for too many Australian’s are interested in occupations that are already filled, and the more perhaps ‘unpopular’ jobs in turn need compensation. However, the blade cuts both ways, and on several occasions there have been reports in the news from countries the likes of Afghanistan, who reported that Australia was stealing many of its workers, especially those in the medical professions to work in Australia when in fact they were required back in their home country.

This plan however now has been redressed, but just because you slop on a new paint, give it a fancy bow and call it a new name, does not mean it is any different. This new plan, being pushed by one of the most powerful women, if not the most powerful in Australia (to keep her identity a secret, let’s call her Gina Rinehart), is in accordance to her massive mining organisation. The plan is to bring ‘skilled’ migrants from overseas, (the name China was in the news) and to bring them down to Australia to work for a certain allotment of time that seems to have been lost in the news.

I have a couple questions though that have not yet been answered, and nor will they. The massive monopoly that is the Australian mining organistaion is to powerful to be stopped by a couple questions that nobody sees as being of any import. The government also, which is supposed to be in charge of this country seems to bow down to these major monopolies and allow them all they want whenever they want it. If there are ever any issues, they are soon reassured with a couple dollars being tossed about parliament house in the directions of those who can get the ball rolling.

But, back to those two questions of mine…one, who defines what a ‘skilled’ migrant is? And two, why not use Australian workers for a job on Australian soil? I do not see other countries crying out for Australian workers to go work over on their shores.

For all we know, these migrants may just be people trying to gain asylum, and it is yet to be determined what is to happen once they have finished their quota. Now, I’m not saying I have a problem with migrants. Well, I hope that’s not what it sounds like. There’s a documentary commencing soon which discusses whether Australian’s are ‘dumb, drunk and stupid’, and if it turns out to be a biography of my life, then I suppose I will be proven wrong. However, I digress. What I’m saying, is that big business should not sugarcoat everything, or wrap it in a big beautiful bow in the hopes that the Australian people will not notice it is the same gift they were granted one year earlier by a person with a different name. The people should be told what is happening, and how it will affect them. Now, one may wonder how it could ever affect them, but it certainly will. There are many workers, too many to number I am certain, who could very easily do the jobs that these skilled migrants are being imported for. This is just yet another occurrence where Australian’s lose their jobs to people who are not even Australian citizens. Seems a little ridiculous if you ask me. Unemployment rates have sky rocketed recently due to these same occurrences which are transpiring in more than just the mining industry, and it is all happening for the exact same reason…migrants, whether they are skilled or unskilled, trained or untrained, are cheaper. They are paid less wages for the same hours of work an Australian would do. That is the primary reason. Big business becomes greedy and does not want to fork out an extra couple bucks per worker, and so tosses them out in replacement for somebody from another country who can’t speak a word of English and who probably couldn’t tell the difference between Australia and America if they were given a map, no offence intended

In addition to this, skilled migrants may not initially be ‘skilled’, but they certainly can be in the labor market they are provided for. It is easy and cheap to skill a migrant in the occupation that they are imported for, and there is no fear of them ever leaving. They are brought over here for one job. They are then trained for one job. And they are then hired for that one job. They are not skilled in any other, and so big business owners do not have to worry about half their staff flocking to another profession when they send their resumes to other businesses in the hopes of bettering themselves. That is the problem with a university degree or any other educational benefit. True, it allows you to work in the industry you want. But it is a curse too, for nobody wishes to hire a person skilled in public relations for instance, when they are going to be working in a business that does not require such skills, for they will know that this new addition to their team will be constantly looking for the work they are after, and will eventually leave.
In that sense, it is easier for a large corporation to hire on somebody who will not leave, and who will solely commit their time in the workforce to the job they are given upon arrival in this country.

I think I said this before, and I am going to say it again. This here, is quite ridiculous. If you live in Australia, or any country in fact, you should be given the opportunity to do whatever job you wish to do, not sit back and watch as that job is given to somebody else who is not even from this country. True, it is great to help those from third world countries find jobs and better opportunities than they could ever be granted back home. But it does not help the Australian people who need those jobs to acquire money to feed their families and keep roofs over their heads. Why should we be forced to sit back and suffer unemployment when there are plenty of positions available to us? Sorry, did I just say ‘are’. My bad; that should be ‘were’ plenty of jobs, now they are all filled up with skilled migrants.

But this is just my opinion. What do you think?

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